This morning held a good promise of hope!  When working thru the Dave Ramsey / Financial Peace Baby Steps, some steps seem to take forever.  Some steps seem to stall out.  Of course some steps go quickly and give you a great feeling of victory!

We’ve been a little stalled.  We took a couple backwards steps.  And we’ve worked to get back where we were.  This morning I sat down calculated how long until we were at Baby Step 7!  We’re some years away.  But, we finally have a clear plan again to get there!  That in itself is super-duper exciting!!

We’ve tried to be open with the kiddos about where we’ve messed up.  I am excited for their futures of knowing a life without debt!  We are working on changing our family tree for a better future!  A future of no bondage from debt.  A future of no stress or worry about money.  A future of Financial Peace!

Tonight I am thankful that every time we fall down, we get up and try again!  I am thankful that the plan for Baby Step 7 is not one of my pie-in-the-sky ideas; but an actual, attainable, and fairly conservative plan!  (Do you know what I like about the conservative part?  We can totally beat that plan and finish early!!!  And, if we don’t beat it and finish early; it is still a darn good plan!!)  🙂

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