Maybe around two months ago, I upgraded my phone.  This was the first time ever that I bought a new model phone!  It was such a new model that I could not find a screen protector available for it.  After a week or two I did find a protective case.  So that was good for awhile.  Still though, I could not find a screen protector.

After about a month of having the new phone, I dropped it.  It fell, almost in slow motion, to the ground and landed face down . . . splat.  It cracked.  I took a few deep breaths and stared angrily at this basically-new phone.  AAHHHH!

Ok, so I called a repair place.  Guess what . . the phone model was so new, that there were not replacement screens available.  I contacted five other phone repair places.  No one had replacement screens!!!

So I’ve waited.  I haven’t been able to see things clearly.  The cracks have spider-webbed out and gotten bigger.  I’ve gotten little glass shards in my finger.

Finally, FINALLY, I found a replacement screen in Europe.  I ordered it up!  It arrived earlier this week.  I watched a youtube video.  I thought . . I got this!  Guess what . . this fancy-shmancy phone has a glass back cover that is GLUED on to the phone.  I heated the glue to loosen it.  I used the crappy little screen tools that broke slowly.  And finally I accidentally cracked the back glass on the stupid phone.  AAHHHH!  I think they designed the phone to break.  Why else would anyone think it is smart to put glass on the back of the phone and attach it with freaking glue!!!

Ok . . deep breaths . . . I’m still a little salty over here . . .

Tonight I am thankful that my new phone came today.  I am thankful that I’m ordering a new back screen and will take all my pieces to a repair shop to be assembled; and then I will either sell this new-old phone or keep it as a back-up.  I am thankful that we have a budget with a savings fund for accidents such as smashed up phones.  And I am so happy to have a phone right now that I can see the screen clearly!!

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