In Charge

My absolute best business advice in the fifteen years I’ve had my own business, has been to keep God in charge of the business. It is hard to do! I pray and I give this business over to God. Then the phone rings and I take it right back again. There is a noticeable difference in my business when I run it God’s way and when I run it my way.

God wants the business to have good systems in place and for me to rest. Rest . . . rest . . . what is that? When left to my own business plan, I estimate that 4 hours of sleep enough should suffice.

On the appraisal side of my business, there have been many warning signals lately. And I have been working to do better. Then there was the following:
– last Friday I read about another appraiser who went to the emergency room with a panic attack.
– this Monday I read about an appraiser who wouldn’t slow down in the rush of 2002 and ended up divorced with her ex-husband kidnapping her children.
– and the same woman shared that an appraiser friend of her died in 2002 from a brain aneursym.
– now I here I sit with my feet propped up because they have ballooned up so big they can’t fit in my shoes. This is a reaction to an antibiotic. An antibiotic that I really shouldn’t have needed, but I’m not resting enough for my body to take proper care of itself.

Yep, I hear you God. The brokerage side of real estate – the buying and selling, is going great. I have good systems there. I can keep up without stressing myself out. But the appraisal side of real estate – I’ve been behind for weeks. I think I do pretty good at managing stress. But just because I can manage stress does not mean that the stress should be there.

So I’m not going to work harder at letting go. I’m just going to let go – letting go of needing to do all the work that is offered, letting go of the bad customers who don’t care about ethics or quality, and letting go of the notion that I should always try to fit “one more house in” . . because although that sound like a small feat, every one appraisal adds up to hours of my life. I am improving my work boundaries. I am working (still) at making myself a priority. Really I have proven again that I can’t be of help to anyone when I am not helping myself to be taken care of.

Tonight I am thankful that God is a part of my businesses. In Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership he describes unstoppable business momentum as a person’s best efforts, over time, and multiplied by God. That’s a fantastic business and life goal ❤

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