First Time

Opposites Attract. We’ve all heard that. The trick is to let your differences bring you closer together and not tear you apart. That is truly a lifetime of work right there.

I am not afraid to try things. Let’s not go so extreme. Not even the word afraid. I have little to no hesitation to try things. I don’t care if I do it wrong. Then I’ll just try again! Or I’ll get help. But, I jump in with both feet to try – rarely a second thought is given.

The hubster on the other hand, he likes to feel knowledgeable and competent in what he is doing. If he hasn’t done the thing before, he’d much rather have someone knowledgeable there to give guidance. Oh yeah, and he is also detailed. I could be a half a bubble off plumb and call it good. He makes it exact . . every . . time.

Both of our ways of doing things can be a blessing! Both can be a curse!

He did NOT want to do the steps and rails on this porch (don’t worry, we own it. I wouldn’t just sign us up to try this for the first time on someone else’s house . . well . . maybe I would. But the offer would come with disclaimers of our skill level!). He had never done rails and steps like this before. I signed him up anyway. I knew he could totally do it! And I was going to be there to help!

Except I wasn’t there to help. I’ve been resting my balloon-ey feet still. The hubster watched Youtube videos. He read articles. He did have one knowledgeable person stop by to help. And he had kiddo helpers. And look what he did! I love it!

Tonight I am thankful for the hubster stepping out of his comfort zone and learning new things! I think it looks great!

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