Not Alone

I love Footprints. I remember a wall hanging when I was a child that had the Footprints story/poem on it. As a child I focused on the part that the man was reflecting over his life. As a teen I think I focused more on the hard parts that were present. As an adult, I love the part that God carried the person during the hardest time of their life.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting lately. Having 3.9 teenagers in the house, it’s good to be able to remember how I felt during those times. Sometimes it’s easy to just react. But that doesn’t help too much.

Looking at things from an adult/parent perspective, I see how the things that I thought were so bad back then, really weren’t near as bad as they could have been. I see that those were the times when he carried me.

And now, when it is hard sometimes to know the best thing to do to help my 3.9 teenagers grow to be their best selves and live happy lives; it is now that he carries me. My mind is weight options and analyzing next strategic parent moves; but my heart is praying and crying out for divine intervention. Yes, it is now that he carries me.

Tonight I am thankful that I don’t walk this life alone. When you stare at a problem, it only seems to get bigger and bigger. When you stare at God, you see how big he really is and how small the problem really was.

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