Like Momma

Once upon a time there were four little kiddos. The kiddos thought their momma could do anything in the world. Whenever the kiddos needed their momma, she was there. And the kiddos knew that whenever they needed their momma, she would always be there.

The kiddos started growing up, as kiddos tend to do! Their momma enjoyed watching the kiddos grow! Every age, every phase of life held new and wonderful things for the kiddos! It wasn’t long before the kiddos realized that their momma couldn’t really do anything in the world. But the kiddos still knew that their momma would always be there for them ❤

Tonight I am thankful that when a kiddo needed me today, that I was there. If I hadn’t been close by, I would have found a way to help the kiddo anyway. But I am so thankful that I was close by and able to help! I heard it in the kiddo’s voice, they needed help from momma. Sometimes, no one understands like momma, no matter how old you get!

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