Alright, we are one day away from Halloween.

We’ve had decorations up, courtesy of a decorating kiddo for awhile now. The house looks good 🙂

But, I, personally, am not ready. With 3.9 teenagers in the house now, they have changing thoughts on Halloween. And with Covid, options are a little different.

Realizing that I am hours away from a holiday without great plans; I created a questionnaire for the kiddos. I am happy to say that all kiddos filled out the questionnaire immediately and returned it.

I blurred out the answers on this questionnaire . . as teenage kiddos tend to embarrass easily. After reviewing all four questionnaires, we have a good plan for tomorrow!!

Tonight I am thankful for a good plan for a fun Halloween with 3.9 teenage kiddos during Covid! We are going to have some fun!

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