It Happened

A few weeks ago I did a blog about being thankful that my first ever mammogram had been rescheduled. Well, last Friday was time for me to face the music. This photograph is me in the waiting room at 8am. Shortly after 8am I was called back. Here is what I experienced:

I really wasn’t nervous. I just wanted to do it and get it over with.
The mammographer was a very wonderful person. She asked me what I had heard about mammograms and talked about the advanced that mammograms have had over the years – making many of the horror stories no longer applicable with today’s technology. We talked about kids, virtual school, and life. Why? She wanted me to be comfortable.

There was an ulterior motive to me being comfortable, that was also to benefit me, if I was comfortable then my muscles would relax. If my muscles are relaxed, then the whole thing goes easier. Think of trying to manipulate any part of your body when you’re tense . . not ideal, right?

Ok, so down to the nitty gritty – the machine was NOT freezing cold, the pressure was NOT painful, and it did NOT take long. It was only a smidge awkward, because . . I mean, I’m standing there like it’s Marti Gras or something. 😉 Some things will just always be a tad awkward.

The lady explained some things that might happen after my results came in. Like, if I got a call saying they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound, not to freak out. Since this was my first time, the doctor may just need to see things differently to see what is normal for me personally. Good to hear, because if I got a call to come in for another test; I may freak out a little. But now I am prepared.

So tonight I am thankful that my first ever mammogram was not bad at all. So ladies, get your ladies checked out! It is good to know what you have going on! And I can tell you, that the very wonderful mammographer that I had the pleasure of meeting with, takes her job very seriously to help keep people healthy and happy!

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