I left the house early this morning, earlier than normal. And I was switching vehicles with the hubster for the day. I grabbed everything I could think of that I would need out of my mobile-office, a.k.a. car. I had an arm full of stuff from my desk. Ok, I was ready.

The first appointment was for a FHA appraisal. FHA requires a few extra things. No problem, I was prepared. Nailed my first appointment of the day! It was somewhere between the first and second stop here that I thought about the third stop of the day. My third appointment was a house closing – Yay! Except, I was wearing jeans. Hmph.

I stopped in at a store and bought a pair of dress pants. Ok, I was set. Except, somewhere between my first stops of the day, I was running out of time! I made it to the closing with seconds to spare; and no time to change in to my new dress pants. Oh well . . walked inside the other agent was wearing a full suit. Yep . . I felt under-dressed. He made a comment about his suit jacket. I guess I made him feel over-dressed. We had a laugh about it later.

My jeans were perfect for my next two appointments. And they were acceptable for my last appointment of the day.

Tonight I am thankful for being adequately prepared for a day filled with a variety of appointments, traveling in a vehicle that isn’t fully stocked with all the things my vehicle has. Made it successfully thru another day! Hooray! I call that a win!

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