This was a loooong week. I mean for me, this week started out with an attitude first thing Monday morning. And that set the tone.

Well, by the time we got to today; I’d had enough.

I started off this morning by sharing my honest thoughts with the people that started off Monday morning with the crappy attitude. I tried really hard to keep it professional. So hopefully I did good. Who knows. If it wasn’t received well . . oh well. I tried to be polite and I spoke the truth.

Next I was on to sharing my honest thoughts with a lying lender. I won’t disparage them by name here. But, I was fairly riled up, as I thought last night that another real estate agent had been lying to me. It turns out it was the lender. So I had to apologize to the other real estate agent (fortunately I had used some restraint in the conversation with the agent the night before. So I didn’t have too much to apologize for). But, the lender got my honest and unhappy opinion.

Tonight I am thankful for ending the week having spoken my mind. I should NOT always speak my mind! I know this! And I spent four days before answering my Monday person. But, man it felt good to say facts that needed to be said . . in as a professional way as I could, of course.

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