New Traditions

These beauties were our Thanksgiving breakfast last year! I am still thinking of ideas for this year!

I am going to miss our traditional Thanksgiving day! But, I am also taking this opportunity to find new ways to enjoy a day meant for counting our blessings!

I am excited that the kiddos are going to help with Thanksgiving dinner! I don’t know how excited they are . . . oh well, I think they will look back, years from now, and have fond memories of helping make Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

We have a family game planned for that day. I’ve been looking for Thanksgiving things to watch on tv. It will be interesting to see how Macy’s puts their parade together!

Tonight I am thankful for an opportunity to celebrate a new way this Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the memories of past Thanksgivings to warm our hearts! And I am thankful for technology that will help keep us in touch this holiday season when we are keeping safe distances!

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