One Sentence

I was messaging with a friend this morning for a few moments. We were just chatting back and forth; friend chatting, women chatting, and specifically momma chatting. I wrote a sentence to her, about her situation, and after I typed it; it just hit me!

In the past couple of months, I had apologized to a kiddo for a situation that I could have handled differently. Honestly I don’t know what a better way was, for me to have done. But, there should have been a better option.

Anyway, I’ve been working on forgiving myself, because the way I handled the situation did affect a kiddo negatively. I didn’t notice it right at first. I didn’t know until months later. I should have seen it. I have still been working on forgiving myself.

I wrote to my friend, “the apologies mean more than us getting it right sometimes“. I meant every word that I wrote to her. Why hadn’t I realized that about my situation?

I screw up. I’m human. I try my best as a parent. But I screw up. Sometimes I wonder why I think I could screw something up so big that God couldn’t make something wonderful come from it. I know God can help with forgiveness. And I know God can is bigger than anything in life. But, my first thought was to pray to ask God for forgiveness and healing with my kiddo. I didn’t think to pray and ask God to use this situation for an even bigger life event. But yes, sometimes the apologies mean more than us getting it right . . sometimes praying for God just to fix the damage we have done underestimates God! He can use the situations that we damage and make them turn out even better than they were!

Tonight I am thankful for a short conversation with a friend this morning that turned in to some healing that I didn’t quite know I was needing. This morning, after reading one sentence, I had tears. Thank you friend for the chat this morning ❤

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