Not Sure What Happened

We have two big dogs and a little dog. One big dog is an old lady who stays out of trouble now-a-days. The other big dog is a two year old puppy. He does not watch where he is going.

Last night the large puppy stepped on the little dog. The little dog was on my foot. The little dog snarled at the large puppy. The large puppy jumped at the little dog.

I don’t know exactly what happened. It all happened so fast. But after the dogs were separated, My leg, foot, and hand were all injured. And my hand was the worst. I still can’t bend my finger all the way.

Tonight I am thankful that I happened to have a compression arm/wrist sleeve here from several months ago when I fractured my wrist! And I am thankful that I really don’t think anything is broken. It may be a few days before I can use my hand fully. But I am at least semi-functional. Yay!

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