City versus Country

I’m a country gal. I’m used to country deer. Country deer are concerned that you may try to shoot them. Or that you may accidentally hit them with your car. They just don’t let you get too close.

Tonight after my kiddo finished with practice driving for driver’s training; he was walking towards my car and pointing behind me. There were these deer standing there, not concerned about humans. I drove my car over to them. And they weren’t too concerned. I threw them an old french fry from my car trash . . they were unimpressed and thought I might have been throwing a bomb at them. But, they only ran about 20 feet! Then they stopped and watched me drive by. They didn’t even run again!

Tonight I am thankful for getting so close to the city deer that are more used to co-existing with humans! My teenage kiddo thought I was harassing the deer. But I promise it was all well intentioned!

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