I don’t know what’s going on . . I have had the motivation of a rock. Like a big rock . . a boulder perhaps.

Now, I’ve been talking to my virtual school kiddos about pushing on when there is no motivation. We talk about digging down deep and pushing thru the lack of motivation! But me . . now . . meh.

So I completely aggravated my wrist this weekend with the work in the boys room. It makes it more painful to type and makes me just overall more achy.

My sinuses have been a struggle. I need to remember to take my apple cider vinegar a LOT more than I have been. Tonight I am going to sleep with my diffuser going next to my face with peppermint and some other good oils.

See . . . here I am whining. What have I been telling my kiddos? There will always be something to whine about . . you still have to press on and keep going!

So tonight I am going to sleep. I’m going to start my oil diffuser, take my ibuprofen (for my wrist), my apple cider vinegar, nose spray, and Sudafed; and hopefully I will awaken much more energetic! If not . . I am going to . . drink . . coffee . . . bleh. Tomorrow I may even let some hydrogen peroxide sit in my ears for a bit . . that always helps too.

Tonight I am thankful for a plan! I really did get some things done today. Although I feel like I did not do enough. But I am thankful for a plan to hopefully make tomorrow feel more productive than today! Where motivation is . . I may stumble upon it if I can get myself up and running a little better!

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