My Voice Like a Dragon!

Several years ago I bought Dragon voice recognition software on a Groupon deal.  For what I needed it for; it sucked . . horribly, if I remember correctly!

My hand is actually hurt rather badly. Christmas Eve afternoon when I was trying to type up some reports and get work done before beginning holiday festivities; trying to use my hand to type was close to torture. I decided there and then to try Dragon software again.

I went looking online and found that there was a professional version of the Dragon software. I am pretty sure that is not what I had before; but that is what I have now. Today I have been talking into my microphone and letting Dragon type for me. I will say they have came a long way!

There will definitely be a learning curve with this! The software that I use for work does let Dragon software write the dictations. But it will take some time to use this in the most productive and efficient way. For now though, I am very excited to see that this is working 50 times better than I remember it working the last time I tried it!

Tonight I am thankful for voice recognition software to help me with my work so I can rest my hand! Even when my hand is all healed, this may get to the point where it makes me more efficient! Right now I am probably at least close to my normal efficiency after just ½ a day of trying out the software. Yay!

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