The Ugly Truth

This online / virtual learning for students has definitely been a learning experience.

Our school has google classroom and powerschool. I would like to suggest that some genius person figures out how to make the two work together . . but that’s just me. It’d be nice to be in google classroom and see formatives versus summatives. I had this great plan in September on how to check on my kids . . it became overwhelming to the kids and put the focus on the wrong things. Eh, live and learn.

But, here’s the kicker. I found out at the end of the semester that two of my children had at least one class that they had not logged in to the zoom classes for at least one month. I was furious. And guess what? There is no way for a parent to know that from google classroom or from powerschool!!

I was here for some of those missed classes. My children had their devices in front of them. Sometimes they had classes that get out early. I had no idea. I would like to also suggest that the genius person that I am looking for to make a system to automatically send my phone an email or text if my children is not in their classroom in the first 5 minutes. That would make this issue MUCH easier to address and fix!! But I have to work with what we have. (P. S. If anyone knows of a genius software person; please send them my way!)

So today, I sent emails out to the children’s teachers to make sure they had attended their classes this week. And I will be doing this every week. And the children may soon get grounded from everything beyond school, food, and sleep if they try this crap again!!! I am pretty sure when I got the news at the end of last semester that I looked like the cartoons with my face all red and steam coming out!

Tonight I am thankful that for week one of the second semester of this year, my kids were all pretty much in class! We have one kiddo disagreement with a teacher report. And, I’m still waiting to hear back from two teachers. But, there was better effort. So, I’ll call this week a win!

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