Any Happy Gilmore fans out there???

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest watching it. It is a good movie. Many laughable moments!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, Happy has a natural talent for golf. He is really good. But when he realizes that it is time for him to get serious and win a golf tournament he walks away from his Grandma and girlfriend. They ask where he is going and he says “To learn to play golf”. That was the moment when he realized he needed to go beyond what he could do himself and learn bigger and better ways of doing things.

Well, that is where I’ve been. Last week was slammed with those “ah-ha” moments that what I was doing to the best of my abilities needed to get better. I had heard of a guy that was highly recommended. I told the family I was locking myself away for one day this weekend to have some training. Well, I started on Saturday and just finished. Holy Cow!! I have so many notes. So many ideas. And so many answers to vague questions and thoughts that I’ve had on how to improve my businesses!

Tonight I am thankful for this next level of thinking, process, and plans to make things better! I wish I could take an entire week off to just work on these ideas!! But, I can’t. So I’ll just start plugging along and making changes a little at a time. So many things are lining up and jumping in my face that now is the time to change things! And I am starting down a good path for that!!!

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