Shouldn’t Say . . .

Ookkk, I probably shouldn’t say anything yet. I’m pretty darn excited though!

Tonight I signed a contract for a new office for my business, Ethos Real Estate West!! I am so in love with this building!! It has character and charm and space! Space! Yes, space for my team and my clients! More than enough space! It has a fireplace and beautiful wood floors! It has original, century old details! It just has all the welcoming “feels”!!!

I know we have a ways to go. I know I have to be patient. I know there are a lot more steps between here and the closing table. But, I am so, SO EXCITED!

Tonight I am thankful for finding a wonderful office for Ethos Real Estate West! I am thankful for a super nice seller to work with! And I am looking forward to sharing some exciting updates with you all!

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