Need Bubble-Wrap Clothing

This week . . was . . . bumpy. Kind of like going down a dirt road that hasn’t been graded in awhile. There were some smooth and enjoyable parts to the week. Then, WHAM, bump, bump, bump. Then smooth.

So here I was, getting my last appointment of the week out of the way. I stepped out of the car. I saw the ice and mud. I stepped carefully on the ice. The ice broke. There was a big hole under the ice. I tried to catch myself. I slipped in the mud.

I fell in slow motion. You know, one of those falls. I tried to turn a little. I tried not to fall on my wrist, that is still slowly healing (because I keep hurting it). After what seemed like a good 90 seconds, I was on the asphalt in the parking lot.

I got up slowly and took a little self inventory. Knee was already swelling and felt a bit tore up, hand was tore up, shin felt scratched up. The good wrist was sore. My pants were muddy and salty. My coat and shirt were salty.

I could walk though! Everything seemed to be not to bad. I brushed the salt off of myself. I tried to quickly get some of the dirt out of the cuts on my hand. Fortunately I had arrived before my client that I was meeting, so they would never know.

Tonight I am thankful for my good friend, Ibuprofen. I don’t want to cause a stir. I’m just going to quietly bid this week good bye and hide under my blanket for a bit!

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