This might not look like much to some, but this has been a long time coming. Clutter isn’t just a physical thing, it is a mental thing. And today definitely proved that as I waded thru the mess that was my desk.

During this past week, my efficiency was dragging. Now, there were other very stressful things that happened last week. But, I knew that the clutter at my desk was not helpful in the slightest. It is hard to make a game plan when you can’t see the field.

So today, I spent hours at my desk. I went thru a lot of piles. I threw away a lot of things. I organized random things that I saved because they would come in handy. And at the end of today, I am very pleased.

Tonight I am thankful for a cleaner, and much more organized work space! Here’s hoping I stay a little more organized . . . as long as I keep trying to get better, I will keep getting better!

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