Sniffy Thing

I feel like maybe I should be more ahead of the game where sinus issues are concerned. But, for the first half of my life I had NO sinus issues! It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second kiddo that I started having sinus issues. And . . well . . I just don’t like this!

I have found good results with apple cider vinegar. Of course lots of liquids. I diffuse oils. I throw in some Sudafed and Flonase. Sometimes some ibuprofen. Lately these things have helped. But not enough.

So one day I paid $5 for this Vicks VapoInhaler. O-M-G!!! This thing works great! I’ll warn you, it doesn’t feel the best. I started just sniffing it in a little bit. And I noticed some difference from that. Now I am taking some big huge sniff/snorts. I can feel this Vicks Vapors as they travel thru my sinuses by my eyes!

I have had less sinus pressure headaches. I have had less overall Uck feeling. Today I bought a second one to keep in my purse!

Tonight I am thankful for trying this little sniffy deal at the store! My head has been so thankful!

**For you Amazon shoppers like myself, there is a much cheaper version online. BUT, read the comments! The cheaper ones do say Vicks, but they are made in a different country and people didn’t have the best reviews of them.

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