Shoveling for a Reason!

We have a very old lady dogg-o here at the house. She has arthritis and doesn’t like to move around too much.

When she gets up in the morning to potty, she has a very small time frame between standing up and needing to potty.

This morning, she had to go urgently!! I opened the front door . . . and the steps were gone . . . covered in snow. I had no time to shovel! I told her to be careful. Thankfully she did make it down the steps ok.

She’s not a small dog! She’s a rottweiler/lab/pitt mix. And as she made her way in to the yard, the snow was up to her belly!!

I ran to the back door and grabbed the shovel! I ran around the house and got the stairs shoveled off before the tried to climb the stairs back to the house!

Tonight I am thankful that my old lady dog didn’t fall down the snow-covered stairs this morning! It was a little scary to watch! But, she made it!!

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