I feel the need to update a situation!

I’m not sure if I wrote a blog about it or not. I thought I had, but I did a quick scroll and couldn’t find a picture of the new “rocking stool” thing that I had been using in place of an office chair.

See, I noticed that I had increasingly poor posture in my office chair. I couldn’t do an exercise ball like some people do . . my kitties would sharpen their claws and the ball would be toast. So I had searched online and found this neat kneeling, rocking stool thing. It worked pretty good for my posture!

But I soon started noticing that my knee was hurting more and more. At first I thought I had twisted it in the snow or something. I’m a bit of a klutz, so I wasn’t really alarmed. But it kept getting worse.

Finally I realized it was from that silly stool thing. Urgh!

Ok, so I’m not totally dissing the kneeling/rocking/stool thing. I think it is probably good to chill on for a limited time. But, for as much time as I spend at my desk, it is not a good option.

Tonight I am thankful that three days so far with my regular office chair and some knee therapy exercises with Biofreeze have already had my knees starting to feel like knees again! Hooray!!

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