Fashionable . . .

As a mother of teens I get feedback fairly often on my style choices. My hair choices. My clothes choices. My make-up choices. Etc.

I like that the kids feel comfortable sharing their opinions with me!

I do! Honestly! Because I think it is very important to take the opportunity to point out how little I care a lot of that stuff!

See, the world is telling them how to dress and how to look. I am just naturally a real-life example of not caring! I have made some fairly large fashion faux-pas in my life! The kicker is that there are many times that I’m aware of what I’m doing, and I simply do not care!!!

There are many things in life more important than how a person looks, how they do their hair, or what make-up they are wearing.

Tonight I am thankful for being able to provide an example for the kiddos of how not to care about the latest fashion trend! 🙂 I knew this natural lack of stylish talent would come in handy some day!! Here I am . . . being a style rebel since the early 90’s!

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