Shouldn’t Have Moved

Please excuse that I am purple. I was trying for a filter that made me feel better about myself.

I have one kitty named Grizal that has no toes. A couple years ago the weather was in the negative digits for an extended period of time. We had checked on our animals regularly. There was one semi-feral barn cat that didn’t stay with the others. When she was found, she was not in good shape. We took her in to the emergency vet. Fast forward, she is alive and well and lives primarily in the bathroom.

She likes living in the bathroom. She knows she can’t defend herself with no toes. And she hurts herself regularly when she forgets that she is handicapped. In her bathroom, she gets visitors from our other cats when they want to eat her food or use her litter. And she feels like a queen granting access to whomever she chooses.

Every once in awhile she ventures outside of her bathroom estate to visit a nearby bedroom. One of those bedrooms is mine. Last night, around 3am, I felt a kitty climb on my back as I was sleeping on my belly. I felt little nubs and knew it was Grizzy. I rolled a little, thinking I would snuggle with my little kitty.

Nope, I scared her. She still has two claws. Only two. And while she was freaking out thinking I was going to crush her or something, she clawed my face. I was bleeding for several minutes. Grizzy was sorry. But, I took her back to bathroom and told her she was grounded! No leaving her room for a whole day!

Tonight I am thankful that Grizzy is a very sweet kitty . . with a lot of spunk for sure! And tonight Grizzy is thankful that I forgot to tell all the kiddos that she was grounded. When I came home this afternoon, she was back on my bed. This time I did not go near her! I let the sleeping kitty sleep!

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