Separation of Church and God

There is a letter circulating that a church wrote to a member who hasn’t been to church in awhile. It’s almost cult-like. It’s ridiculous. And I think most rational people with common sense can agree.

Here’s where I have a problem . . people are writing things about this church and blaming God. God didn’t write that letter!! Read the darn thing, the people who wrote it signed their names! I’ve read the Bible. I never read anything in it like what those people put in their letter.

Now, there are different interpretations in the Bible. And I totally get that. But there are some messages that are repetitive because . . well . . I think God knows that sometimes we aren’t the sharpest tools in the toolbox. Read how many times love is talked about. “. . . the greatest of these is love”. Yep . . it’s in there . . repetitively. That letter isn’t love. Which means that letter isn’t from God.

So here’s my suggestion, before blaming God for what people do, stop and think. The Bible says he is the Heavenly Father and we are his children. I can tell you right now that my children do not go around doing and saying everything I’ve told them is right and good. So why do we think that because God is in the mix, that all the sudden people are going to start doing everything right?

There are a lot of churches that I don’t care for. But those are God’s children inside the churches. Newsflash – those are also God’s children outside of the church. They all mess up! I mess up!

Tonight I am thankful for the recognition that God is love. If it is not love, then it is not God. When Jesus was here, he stopped the condemnation of people who broke the law. Why? Because . . . well . . love. If a person wants to judge God on a piece from the Bible that someone chose to quote . . . pick a good one please. There’s lots of great ones.

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