Flawed, but Fun

I stopped and got a breakfast burrito this morning from McDonald’s. All in all, those aren’t the worst thing to get for breakfast, right?

Anyway, as I pulled up from ordering, I caught a glimpse of the car behind me. I thought I knew the driver and passenger! For the record, I am absolutely horrible at recognizing people. But it looked like people I know, and I’m pretty sure they drive a car that was the same color.

So I got to the window to pay and told them I wanted to pay for the car behind me. I was so excited! Then the car pulled forward. And, I’m not 100% sure if it was the people that I thought of or not. Oh well, they waved. I waved . . backwards. I waved facing forwards and they were behind me.

I got my food and as I pulled away, they waved again. And I waved again . . backwards again. But, I was smiling.

Tonight I am thankful that no matter if I knew the people behind me or not, it was really fun to do that! And I am thankful that even though I am hopelessly flawed (like not being able to wave in the right direction for some reason!) I can be hopelessly optimistic as well. I’ll focus on that part 🙂

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