Shouldn’t Have

I started doing it last night. You know, the “I’ll just look” with this great tool of the internet.

It seemed innocent. I knew how it would end up. I start looking at someone’s page. I know that I shouldn’t. I know I will end up getting upset.

But I did it.

And then I prayed.

Rachel Cruz has a great book called, Love Your Life Not Theirs. It talks about the comparison with social media highlight reels. And how to break out of that and see how how much you have to be thankful for.

But it really isn’t that. I’m not comparing. I just see the fakeness. And I let it get to me that it is there. And that people are buying in to it.

Does it concern me? No. Will anything productive come of it? No. And did I end up being bothered by it? Yes.

This is why I had put social media road blocks in place. Barriers to keep my curiosity contained. So, back to my “blocked” list they went. There’s no reason for me to keep doing this. I prayed and apologized. Then I prayed for them. And for the rest of the night, I prayed for them. This morning I prayed for them.

Tonight I am thankful for the healing process of praying for someone. It is easy to sometimes forget that all people are God’s children. He loves them all. And like any good parent, he doesn’t want his children fighting; even when they don’t agree. So I’ll keep praying for this person. Prayers for their peace and happiness. Their actions on their journey doesn’t affect my journey unless I let it. So I won’t let it. I have my own things to do, and my time is better spent working on my journey and serving others. ❤

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