Hub’s School

The hubster has gone back to school! He is in a leadership program and boy has this been fun!

First of all, he has been teasingly giving the kids a hard time about virtual school for a year now. And now . . they get to give him a hard time right back! AND he has asked them for help. It’s been a good full-circle thing to watch in this house!

Second, the fact that he is taking leadership classes is super relevant in this house! I have my degree in Business Leadership. I have been a HUGE Entreleadership fan for years now! I have worn out a set of the Entreleaderhip book on cd while I drive around for appointments, and am on my second set. I keep extra Entreleadership material to give away because this stuff is so good! And I am just loving it!

Tonight I was helping the hubster with his school work and he asked how I knew all this stuff! I reminded him, this is what I do! I invest quite a bit of time to make sure that I am serving my team well. I had an Entreleadership group call yesterday and we talked about some good ideas for our new office, since this will be a new step for my businesses and I want it to go well!

I was telling the hubster about this and we talked about the DISC personality test and how it can be helpful. Then I had to go looking for a DISC test so the hubster can see what he got. I’m not sure if he is ok with me showing his results on here. So I’ll share mine. I’ve known mine for a bit. I am a high D. According to, about 3% of the population has a dominant High-D personality. That explains why I typically don’t fit in! 😉

Anyway, it was fun doing this with the hubster and seeing how the personality traits fit and don’t fit. These were some things we’ve learned first hand. But, also good to see that we aren’t crazy!

Tonight I am thankful for sharing a bit of the leadership ideas with the hubster! It is great to be able to have these chats!

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