Right People / Right Timing

Today we were out with the kiddos and the vehicle started having problems. The battery light kept coming on. We took a peak under the hood and realized that the battery was 4 years old. Google said that in our vehicle, the battery should last 2 to 3 years. So we replaced the battery. The hubster did not feel like that was the whole problem. But he called a couple close-by auto shops; and they were booked solid for over a week.

So we drove a little longer and soon the battery light was then staying on all the time. We stopped at an AutoZone and had a very helpful lady come out. The problem was our alternator. It was not doing well at all. And we were a ways from home. The hubster asked her if she knew of any place around that could help. She directed us to a place about a mile away and she called around to get us an alternator from another store.

We drove straight to the mechanic’s. It was a little place, next to the home of presumably the owner, next to the railroad tracks. They let us sit and wait while the alternator was located. The helpful gal from AutoZone brought it right over. And they had us back on our way in no time!

Tonight I am thankful for wonderful and helpful people when we have ventured away from home! Of course I am thankful for wonderful people close to home too! But today I am extra thankful for the people we ran in to today! God was definitely looking out for us! The right people were there in the right moments for sure!

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