For the Ladies

I’ve been learning a little more lately about the processing of lady products. I have multiple women in my extended family that have had a variety of issues. By a fluke an organic box of lady products was ordered within the family and the positive results were immediate!

That is when I started researching. Lady products go up against very sensitive areas that absorb things in to the body. Which would make a person wonder why these products would be made with bleach? And other chemicals!

Now, there are a variety of non-traditional products that makes a klutzy gal like me nervous!! There are also lines of organic and healthier alternatives out there! I was pleasantly surprised to find that – who I’ve been using for awhile now for some household items (on the suggestion of a smart friend!) also has multiple lines of organic and healthy alternatives for lady products!

Tonight I am thankful for finding healthier alternatives for the ladies in this family. The news has spread to family in the tri-county area and to family in New York!!

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