Just Like the Real Thing

I am really trying here. Carbs are like my bff and they shouldn’t be. I’ll have a good week, then a bad week. Or a couple good days, and then blissful carb-filled days.

My self-control is not what it normally is. These days I’ve got a little too much going on to stand strong in the face of yummy carbs. They offer delicious moments and comforting moments.

So, I’ve been working on finding more ways to enjoy a low carb / no carb life. Sometime within the last year I had found Keto ice cream. It was pretty darn good! For the past two weeks, I have been trying to be brave and trying even more low carb / no carb foods. Being brave with new foods is NOT my thing. I have the palate of a picky three year old.

I have always loved fudgesicles! And these things taste just like fudgesicles!

Tonight I am thankful for these yummy things! They have them at Meijer and are sooo good!

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