My mom is a prayer. For as long as I can remember, she’s prayed. She has made lists. She has written on notecards. And she has always found a more natural groove with consistent prayer.

I haven’t so much. I do pray. But, I’m more sporadic.

I looked up the meaning of the word “prayer”. And it means a ” . . request for help or expression of thanks . . “. My prayers probably don’t sound like prayers to others. It is just me talking to God. But sometimes there is more urgency and more depth.

I have prayed when things get rough. And God has always been there . . not always like I had planned. But his plan always seems to be better 🙂
I try to remember to pray when things are good! And sometimes I do ok with that.

Well, over the weekend I watched a movie, War Room. I watched it three times to be exact while I was working. And to say it has inspired me would be an understatement.

Yesterday I hopped on Amazon and found this journal. I am not the best journal-er, which may seem oxymoronic with this blog. But I’m not consistent with it when it is just me.

This will be different. This will be my prayer journal. I have been praying for my family for years. And these teenage years need even more prayer. And what I loved about the movie War Room was remembering how to fight for my family. My family needs a lot, and I give them a lot. But sometimes I forget to give them what they need most, my prayers to fight for them; and my faith to step-aside and let God do the fighting.

Tonight I am thankful for stumbling on this movie that was made years ago. The timing was heavenly and so very needed.

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