I am going to give myself props here that I have held things together pretty well with this kiddo graduating high school thing.

I haven’t asked where the time has went. I don’t like regrets. I have tried to think back and appreciate where all our time has went. And I have been excited for the graduating kiddo. She has big plans. And she’s going after them. She has done great this year! I am the proudest of Moms!

But then . . . then I had this idea to post a first day of school picture next to her last day of school picture. Then I was scrolling thru pictures on a hard drive looking for the first day of school picture. And then I got a little emotional. My eyes started to leak a little. I hid my eyes from said kiddo. The kiddos say I am “Mom-ing” when my eyes start to leak!

I did the Mom thing, and went away from everyone for a minute and had a little cry. It seemed so silly to cry. The child is literally still living in this house! It was just the emotions hit me all at once and leaked down my face. And after awhile, I was good.

Tonight I am thankful that my first kiddo had her first – last day of school! She has been waiting for this day! And she has so many plans for days to come! Yay Kiddos! ❤

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