Lessons Learned (the hard way)

Today marked the end of one of those life lessons that could have been avoided if I had made better decisions! I was talking to my Mom and told her that I sure hoped I learned my lesson! She said she hoped I did too! 🙂

So here is a summary of my lessons with one particular house:

  1. Always go with your gut. After I said “yes” to this particular house I had that feeling that a person gets. That feeling that the thing I was about to do was not a good thing. But I went forward with it anyway . . wrong move.
  2. Always have a home inspection! Seriously a cardinal rule, that I myself ignored, and it cost me a TON of money, stress, sanity, and time.
  3. Don’t do things just for future business possibilities. That was one of my reasons for this deal. And I got kicked in the backside because of it. As a general rule I run my business letting the ethics and hard work speak for itself. I should not have deviated from this business plan.
  4. When I list a house for sale . . sell it! Seriously, this is now the second time that I tried to “help somebody out” and let them rent one of my properties while they were supposed to be bettering their situation to be able to purchase the house. Fights, firearms, police cars, and a court appearance later; well I hope I’ve finally learned my lesson!!! Rental houses are for renting! Houses for sale are for buying!

I could add more to the list. But I think those are the big ones! And now I’ve put it in writing and I can refer myself back to this list when I am considering doing something stupid!

Tonight I am thankful that this particular life chapter is over for me! Seriously the house is a wonderful house . . now . . with all the new stuff we did . . like much more new stuff than we had planned! The house will be a great home for it’s new owner! And I am so glad that I am no longer an owner!

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