How You Doin’?

Who else watched the Friends reunion? 🙂

I enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure I was going to. I didn’t want the magic to end. But they did great!

I loved it when they were asked if they thought about doing something continuing on the Friends, like more episodes now. And the answer was no, because for them all to be together again, something bad would have had to have happened to them. They left their show on a happy note for everyone. And they left the characters to live happily ever after 🙂 I like that they recognized that and respected it!

A part of me selfishly would like to see more. But hearing the sentiments out loud, well, I can get on board with that!

Tonight I am thankful for the Friends reunion as it is! It was very enjoyable! And I am thankful for all the years of watching such a special show 🙂

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