Thanks Mom

One of the things that I reflect on in life is a very important gift that my mother gave me. She taught me to separate my emotions from my thoughts. I am sure that some of the grey hairs on her head are from trying to get this wisdom instilled in to me!

*She does not have a lot of grey hair for her age, so either I was especially easy to teach or she has good genes! I’d like to claim the first as truth . . . but I know it is the second!

I have a lot of emotions. The hubster thinks that I have enough emotions for both he and I! I’d like to call myself “passionate” and I’m sure that applies. But there is also just an excess of emotions at times.

Anyway, after four decades on this Earth I think I am getting better at saying, I know this is overall a good thing in the long run. But right now I’m mad. And I’m going to be mad for a little bit.

I think that is pretty healthy. I am human. I feel emotions. I know the emotions won’t last. And while in the midst of feeling lots of feelings, I know the emotions will be end. And while in the midst of feeling lots of feelings, my brain can still be logical about what is actually going on.

Tonight I am thankful that my Mom spent SO much time teaching me to get over myself! Ok, to get realize that emotions are temporary and fleeting. And while they sure feel real, they can sometimes cloud reality and truths of life.

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