Tractor Garden

We were trying to decide what to do around the silo. There is a bit of concrete on the ground there. And poison ivy loves to grow there. Poison ivy and I do not get along!

A flower garden is always a good plan . . except I’m not a good gardener. So, what to do??

We made a tractor garden!! WalMart had green tractors for $5 each. The blue tractors were $10. The green tractors came with farmers, hay, and a fence! The little yellow on the right side of the picture is hay bales and there is a farmer there working on the hay 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for our new tractor garden! It is still in process. I didn’t get enough mulch to cover the landscape fabric. And I need to do more around the edging. But, for a quick install, it is looking great! 🙂

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