Smiling Again

Do you see the smile on this little old doggy’s face? This is the reason we got our new puppy so soon after Angel died.

Calypso is an older doggy herself who has had an adventurous life. And she really bonded with Angel. Angel was very high strung and Calypso felt needed and loved that she could help Angel calm down and feel safe. After Angel died, Calypso was depressed and her seizures increased. Henry was here, but he was sad about Angel too.

The people in our house knew Angel was on borrowed time. Her health had been heading down hill for almost two years. We were very sad to see her go. But we knew it was time.

The new puppy was not to replace Angel. Hermione (Minnie for short) joined our family for a number of reasons. And we love her! But one of those reasons was for Calypso to feel needed again. When Henry was a puppy we called her his “Aunt Kippy”; as she loved filling in and taking care of a little one. Calypso is three years older now and her “Aunt Kippy” personality is definitely still present; although she needs more naps in between giving the puppy attention. But, look at this smile 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for the perfect addition that Minnie has been for the week she has been here! And I am so thankful to see Calypso smile again! 🙂 She hasn’t had one seizure in the past week. She has been more tired from the new little fuzzball being here. But, she has been so very happy again!

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