I consider myself fairly smart. But, every once in awhile I just do some really stupid stuff!

Time is a challenging area of life for me. It just is.

Today, I had a window arrival time for an appointment. I was watching the clock while I was working. I was getting so much done!

And then . . a phone call. It was the end of the time for the window appointment time. And I somehow had in my head that it was actually the last allowable time for me to leave and get to the appointment on time. Ugh!

Fortunately I only screw up like this maybe once a year!

This is one of the things I want documented so that 40 – 50 years from now, my kids will remember that I’ve always been this way and am NOT going senile.

Tonight I am thankful that the nice lady whose I house I was going to was very understanding and waited nicely for me to arrive. She didn’t give me any dirty looks or anything. She was just nice . . after I screwed up!

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