Family Fun

All week long a kiddo has been asking for extra chores to earn money. The goal – to go back to City Limits. It is amazing what inspiration can do for a previously un-motivated kiddo!

Tonight, we went. There was bowling, food, and the arcade! The kiddo in question had his arcade card filled up with spending money and gathered as many points as he could.

We walked out of there with a giant stuffed snake, another kiddo with an entire army of little stuffed friends, one kiddo having made a new friend, another kiddo with rights of beating mom in a racing arcade game, the hubster claiming the bowling high-point title, and myself having won a $20 gift card from an arcade game!

Tonight I am thankful for a night of fun with the family! It was a great night for all! And a rewarding night for the kiddo who had worked hard to earn extra spending money!

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