Women at 21% – 32%

Today I was reflecting on some comments with the kiddos.

We are refinancing the house – lowering the interest rate and hopefully speeding up our Baby Step 6 (Financial Peace Baby Steps – check them out!) Anyway, our appraiser came yesterday.

In the days leading up to the appraiser coming, not one, but two of my kiddos talked about when “she” would be coming. The appraiser who came out was a man.

Here’s why this is so cool to me: Real Estate Appraising is a predominantly male profession. According to the good old internet, the percentage of women in the industry is somewhere between 21% to 32%. And according to multiple online sources, the average age of an appraiser is 50.

I got my first license to appraise real estate when I was 24. My kids grew up and are growing up with mom being an appraiser (and in the past 6 years, also a real estate broker, which is a considerably different ratio – with women being somewhere around 70% of all sales agents and 61% of all brokers).

I still show up at houses where the homeowner is surprised to see a woman standing there – Jessie is also a male name, so people make assumptions. And I get doubtful, questioning looks when people ask how many years I’ve been appraising – I take that as a compliment that I still look very young!

My kiddos don’t see the gender inequality that is present. 🙂 Now, I didn’t become an appraiser to show the world anything. I decided I wanted to follow this path, so I did it. I’m sure there were naysayers, but I honestly don’t remember anything specific. I wasn’t focused on anything but making this work. My motivation was to build a business that would work around my baby kiddos; and that was motivation enough to change my world, no one else mattered.

Tonight I am thankful that my kiddos had no idea of the difference in genders in this profession! Seriously it makes me happy that my kids don’t see this as anything but regular life. We choose what we want to do, and we go after it. The rest: the differences, the hurdles, the things stacked against you, simply don’t have to matter if you don’t want them to!

*For the record, yes I’ve had some people say crap, while I’ve been an appraiser, about me being a girl. I don’t get mad, I explain. And when they are pricks, I laugh at them and cancel their appraisal . . . I try not to deal with rude people 😉 Its a good business and life decision 😉

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