In The Sun!

It was a day of fun!

This morning three kiddos and I went to the Meridian Township Farmer’s Market. Well, on the way, we decided we were hungry. So we had breakfast at Chikfil-A. We hadn’t tried them for breakfast yet. So that was a good start to the day! Then we continued to the farmer’s market. We hadn’t been to this one before. It was great! We got a lot of yummy goodies!! The selection was fantastic! And live music!!

We brought the yummies back home. Then we took off for the Steam Engine Show! We had a great time there too! And we found some good treasures at the flea market!

Whew! Once back home, I wasn’t planning on leaving again. But, then the idea of ice cream and walking the puppy on trails was proposed. And . . well, I found that to be a fantastic idea! So, off we went!

Tonight I am thankful for a great summer day with my family! We had some farm fresh corn on the cob for dinner with some great Amish bakes goods! Oh! And blueberries, I had more farm fresh blueberries today as well! I love blueberries!

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