Absolutely Fantastic!

Has there ever been a place that you’ve really wanted to see in person? The pictures that I’ve seen have been beautiful! And I know some of the pictures are probably better than what I would see in person with sunsets and the like. But I wanted to see it in person!!

I had to wait until the kiddos were old enough to paddle for hours in a kayak. There are six of us, so we would need three double-kayaks, so two kiddos would be in a kayak without a parent to help them paddle.

Last year we went kayaking for the very first time. It went well. I was inspired! And started planning for this year’s big vacation! Then I found out that the hubster hadn’t been to many places in this great state! So we expanded our plans!

Tonight I am thankful that we are now home from an absolutely fantastic vacation! I loved it! The hubster and kiddos had fun! It was wonderful!!

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