Leg Warmers

I was a runner. I liked to run. I ran a lot.

Then I hurt my knee. I got lazy. And now I’ve been trying to run again!

Except . . I have had absolutely horrible shin splints! I have a race in just under 3 weeks and I am very doubtful I’ll run even a half of it without being in crappy pain. For the record, my sweet kiddo reassured me that he thought I could do it ❤

Well, in an effort to still pull some skills together before the race, I consulted amazon.com. Amazon told me that over 13,000 people liked these compression leg things – they are making me have 80’s flashbacks with leg warmers! Anyway, they came in today.

I have been stretching. I have been icing and heating. I have newer shoes and now, shin-splint targeted shoe inserts and compression leg warmers!

Tonight I am thankful that I am going to do this race! I may walk 99.99% of it, but I will finish! And I will be extra, extra thankful if some of this shin splint stuff works and I can run!

**Amazon’s picture below**

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