Friday Night

Tonight my family went to the first football game of the season! Here are some observations:

  • My high school-graduated kiddo came to be supportive – she didn’t really want to come. And I think that is awesome that she came for her siblings.
  • My online schooled kiddos did just fine hanging with their friends. I knew they would. They were a little nervous . . but I assured them, that is part of growing up! They would be nervous even if they went to school in person . . I remember what it was like! Growing up is just like that! You get nervous, you feel awkward, but you get thru it!
  • My one online schooled kiddo who did not see any of his friends was begging me to go home and get a ball to come back with, to play ball with other kids that he didn’t know as well. Like seriously, spent two quarters of the game asking me to run him home and grab a ball and come back up. He was ready to make new friends.
  • I should have worn bug spray.
  • I’ve missed event popcorn!
  • I’m horrible at saying Hi to people . . I already knew this. But if you saw me, and I didn’t say Hi; please know that I possibly looked up and waved when you weren’t looking at me, or I was completely oblivious because I don’t notice people well. So, HI! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for an evening at a football game! I am thankful everyone had fun. And I’ll remember next time to bring a back-up football for kiddo socializing!

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