Nice Guy

(Forgive me if I’ve written about this topic before!)
We have been at our house for nine years now. Nine years ago a very nice man stopped in who works for Schwan’s. I hadn’t had Schwan’s food for awhile. So I ordered some.

Every two weeks since that date, we have ordered Schwan’s food.

We want to quit Schwan’s. They do have good food, absolutely! But I’m more of a sale shopper. I like to pay less for my food.

But, the Schwan’s guy is SO NICE! He is the reason we don’t leave Schwan’s! He remembers the kids and their favorite foods. He remembers what the hubster and I do for jobs. He knows our pets. He is always smiling and friendly!

For those who doubt that the little extras matter in business . . well, here we are NINE years later with Schwan’s. If this guy left the route, we’d leave as a Schwan’s customer.

Tonight I am thankful for our Schwan’s guy. He is super nice! This afternoon we got some yummy burgers that were made for dinner. And some ice cream to have for dessert . . . although I’m going to pass on the ice cream tonight. I’m still pretty full from the burger!

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