About a year and a half ago I had been on the fence about rejoining a leadership group. I had been a member of a group a few years before and the help was invaluable! But, did I want to commit the time? Did I really want the extra commitment on my schedule? I wasn’t sure.

Enter Covid. I was supposed to go to a leadership conference, which ended up changing to me attending online. It wasn’t quite the same. So, I invested myself back in to the leadership group. There were different members. And the group was good.

Then, after some time, the group needed some restructuring. The coach asked if he could move me to a different group. He told me, it was one of his personal favorite groups. I said yes. And I have not regretted that for one minute!

Today was one of our meeting days. And it was extraordinary! Listening to these wonderfully compassionate, hard working, and intelligent people help each other was heart-touching and educational. Iron sharpens Iron is the phrase that comes to mind.

Giving/receiving business advice is good and can be helpful. Caring about each other and lifting each other up is the extra mile that has cemented my dedication to this group!

Tonight I am thankful for a group of people who open their hearts and share their minds with others. Their generosity and comradery is inspiring and something to vigilantly aspire to!

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