Chop Chop!

I have not cut my hair for awhile. I went back thru my pictures and I believe summer of 2019 was the last hair cut. I had wanted to grow it longer and I have been doing well with that goal!!!

I had kept it short for awhile and very much enjoyed the shorter hair time. But I was ready for long hair again!

Today was a trim on the ends of my hair and some cutting and shaping of several other pieces of hair! Now my longer, thin, and fine hair can have a little character!

Usually I cut my own hair (good or bad!) 🙂 Today I had a kiddo close by, who has been expressing some interest in hair. So I had the kiddo trim the back. She did a good job!

Tonight I am thankful for some freshened up hair! I’ve stopped and looked at myself a few times in the mirror 🙂 I like it!

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